WENGEN Adult Washable - Virus stop masks - PAISLEY


Performance Protective Mask - Tested to block Virus entrance


Civil use face filtering mask

Three-layer fabric (93% Polyester and 7% Polyurethane composition);

External anti-water treatment (water repellent);

External airflow stopped by an internal membrane (Waterproof airtight);

Nose, and mouth, external environment isolation. Sufficient allowed perspiration, no airborne contamination;

Unlimited washability and reusability.

Certified for:

VIRUS PENETRATION TEST standard ISO 16604: 2004;

AIR PERMISSIBILITY TEST UNI EN ISO 9237 standard (air passage = 0 liters/mm/sec);

WATER COLUMN TEST UNI EN ISO 5122 standard - water column = or greater than 10,000 mm (10mt);

BREATHABILITY TEST ASTM AND 96 BW regulations - breathability reaches 11,000 g / m2 / 24h;

Production and sale are permitted under Art. 16, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree nr 18 of 18.03.2020


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