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ASK FOR UP TO 10 SWATCHES FREE OF CHARGE | Promotional discounts and cupons are non-cumulative.
ASK FOR UP TO 10 SWATCHES FREE OF CHARGE | Promotional discounts and cupons are non-cumulative.




Now available in a wide range of options. Choose wide wale for casual trousers or jackets and thinner wale for garments above the waist.

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  • Tracey Haze (Fashion Designer)

    Tracey Haze (Fashion Designer)

    I would like to say thank you for your help and fantastic knowledge.Please pass this onto your manager as he must know that he has a member of staff who is worth her weight in gold.

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  • Rudolf Mancuso (Fabric Buyer)

    Rudolf Mancuso (Fabric Buyer)

    The brand I work for stands for an eco-friendly business and FS has a great range of natural fibers fabrics and also a big diversity in sustainable options with specific certifications. All attention I got from the team and their...

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Welcome to FabricSight, making fabric sourcing in a reliable manner

You'll find a wide range of fabrics, all available by the meter or swatch (sample). Stylish cloth making fabrics, high-quality products, or Selected Surplus designer fabrics. You'll find one of the widest selections of natural silk, vegan silk, linen, cotton, and an extensive online sourcing selection of great-value fabrics.

Our sample (swatch) ordering service lets you carefully select the perfect fabric to ensure your project lives up to your high quality. We can provide any fabric to your desired length, starting from 1 meter. See All Products list, from A to Z, including premium, sustainable, organic, certified (GOTS, GRS, and RCS standards) fabrics.

FABRICSIGHT has two essential purposes:

A very high-quality service: Service excellence is reflected in the exclusive and comprehensive service provided to each one of our customers. FabricSight wants to ensure that every customer receives the exact fabric he bought. Our Concierges serve each client individually and accompany the entire process from the choice to delivering the fabrics in his atelier so that he/she can execute the most beautiful of his collections. 

Global sustainability: FabricSight seeks new ways to mitigate waste, provide inclusion and strengthen the environment via its products and processes. Focusing on the sustainability tripod, FabricSight offers many fabrics made of natural fibers, ecological fibers, and certified organic blends. FabricSight "Waste Reduction Program" offers stocks of extraordinary remaining fabrics (surplus) from carefully chosen partners. This way, it encourages using "one of a kind fabrics" that have already generated their footprints and leads to the full use of productive efforts within the textile chain. Also, aiming to include independent designers and small brands, FabricSight offers its customers the possibility to buy accessible prices and the exact necessary quantity to develop their collections.

That's why FabricSight brings an infinite number of products without MOQ or with very low MOQ. FabricSight believes that this way, it plays its role in the global market, executing its core business with high professionalism and serving the challenging fashion market concerning the environment and the communities connected to the textile market.