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ASK FOR UP TO 10 SWATCHES FREE OF CHARGE | Promotional discounts and coupons are non-cumulative.
ASK FOR UP TO 10 SWATCHES FREE OF CHARGE | Promotional discounts and coupons are non-cumulative.


Read about our happy clients


I found your company by chance, surfing the web! I was looking for sustainable choices to offer to our clients.
We handmade accessories and wanted to provide a more eco-friendly choice. I love vegan textiles as much as the recycled ones. Unfortunately it's not that easy to find accessible and sustainable pieces.
I love the customer service, they’ve always helped me pronto with any issues I encountered. Prompt replies and fast shipping.The quality is exceptional and a large variety of pieces to satisfy any needs. You are definitely my number one supplier :)

Carolina Auriemma (Owner - Bubis)

We are very satisfied with the quality of the fabrics, with the fast shipping and the good communication during our purchase. The pictures in your website are correct and the fabric looks like the picture without any changes.

Maya Karanesheva and Iva Grigorova (Designers and Co-Funders of Off Limits Studio)

I would like to say thank you for your help and fantastic knowledge.Please pass this onto your manager as he must know that he has a member of staff who is worth her weight in gold.

Tracey Haze (Fashion Designer)

My name is Catherine Traore, and I'm currently in the process of creating a clothing brand, starting a clothing brand as it ups and downs as we all know, especially while sourcing the fabrics. However, I've been working with FabricSight since 2020, and their customer service is OUTSTANDING. Their service is one of the best, and I truly meant it.What I like the most about FabricSight is the way they are so present and willing to help and guide you every step of the way. Being new in this industry, I've had no knowledge in the fabrics world but knew what I wanted, and they were so delicate and understanding to make sure I can have the best fabrics that suited my need.One thing that I like the most is how fast they are, and most importantly you talk with the same contact person, and I can truly say that I feel so reassured and also you build a kind of a bond with the person and feel so at ease with every request you might need because they will fulfill it as soon as I can. So all I can say is that they are so patient and help you every step of the way.I ordered a lot of samples from them, and not only the shipping is so fast, but they also have a lot of variety of fabrics and colors you can choose fromAll I can say is that I want to thank the team at Fabricsight for their kindness, support, and friendliness. I 100% recommend anyone who needs and looking for fabrics. They will do their best to satisfy your needs and even exceed them.

Catherine Traore (Founder - Upcoming Fashion)

One of the Best organized suppliers we're working with!

ANDRea fattori (co-founder - designer of Biankalu)

"I found FabricSight while searching for sustainable fabrics. I love their fabrics. They have the best cupro I found in the market.

Gina Cusachs (Owner and Designer - Gina Cusachs)

I was amazed by your great customer service, from which I got full support from an extremely knowledgeable guy named Andrea, who was always ready to quickly answer my questions. He gave me all the attention I needed, as if I was ordering thousands of meters even though I was ordering only a few meters. Right away I understood FabricSight was a serious company. I know that FabricSight will always support me and they are the reason why I didn’t give up on my dream at the last minute. Andrea was available even during weekends and helped me a lot by giving me all the visual information I needed on the fabrics and on the shipping process. We now intend to keep FabricSight as our sole supplier of swimwear fabrics because I know that you can guarantee we will have the best fabrics for our future collections and we want to provide only the best quality to our clients.